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Hammers Everywhere by Scott York Fitness!

April 22, 2015

In this blog from @ScottYork, Scott explains the history and efficacy of sledgehammer training, and also offers training tips with videos and exercises to try. He is also the author of The Sledgehammer Training Manual, and is offering it at a discounted price!  The MostFit Core Hammer is a tireless sledgehammer that weighs 8-lbs and provides endless functional training workouts, plus athletic conditioning. The benefit of the MostFit Core Hammer is that it is portable and can be slammed on any hard surface, such as a garage, the sidewalk, a parking lot, or a gym floor. It requires much less space since you no longer need a tractor tire to strike it on.  WHAT MAKES SLEDGEHAMMER TRAINING MORE EFFECTIVE THAN...

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Workouts Come in Great Variety

April 20, 2015

A workout can be hard to define sometimes. If you walked to lunch and back does that count? If you sat up straight for 10 minutes and took deep breaths does that count? Or do you have to lift heavy things or run as fast as you can to get a workout? The truth is that a workout is a very subjective thing. What might be a workout for you might not even be an option for someone else. The good news is that whatever works for you…IS best for you. Find something that makes you happy and makes you feel good, and since consistency is the most important part of any wellness routine, stick with it. The following three...

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