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Chest and Triceps with the MostFit Suspension Strap

November 21, 2014

      Follow along with this simple but effective, 3 part circuit for chest and triceps. The MostFit Suspension Strap provides an endless amount of exercises, both challenging and modified, to affect your pecs and your arms. Try incline pushups, into stability push ups, into tricep extensions. Try each exercise for 10 repetitions and repeat 3 times total for a great workout. MostFit™ Strives to provide unique, effective, efficient and affordable fitness products to help you be the MostFit™ You Can Be. Please subscribe to https://www.youtube.com/user/mostfitworkouts for more videos and look for a new Free Friday Fitness video each week. Thank you!   Consult a physician before performing this or any  exercise program. You as the user are responsible ...

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MostFit Helped Me Through My Back Injury: Client Testimonial

November 17, 2014

MostFit for life! MostFit Athlete Emily Reynolds has her personal training clients use MostFit equipment; here is a great testimonial from one of them:    Just when I made the decision that I wanted to get in the best shape of mylife, I suffered a lumbar disc herniation. I was devastated knowing that Iwould be out of the gym for possibly months. I let my trainer know that Iwanted to be as active as I could without causing any additional injuries,but thought that anything we tried to strengthen my core, upper body andlegs would probably be detrimental to my back. Little did I know that theanswer was Mostfit! Just two weeks after my injury, we literally slung thestraps over a tree...

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