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Beat Your Own Record

April 22, 2014

Welcome to March.  Have you met any of your wellness goals yet this year? Getting that extra hour of sleep you promised? Walking an extra mile every week? Have you been able to do more pull ups or push ups? The good news is there is always time to keep trying and your Family, friends and MostFit are always there to help. Here are some bench marks for fitness records to help motivate you. These records are real...and far fetched, so maybe you'll get a laugh too. Which burns calories by the way =} Push Ups According to Guinness the world record for most push ups is, not 200, not 1000, not even 10,000, but 10,507 by Minoru Yoshida in...

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Dr Santo Riva: Hip Mobilization w/ MostFit Resistance Band

April 11, 2014

  "Mobilization with Movement - Lateral Hip Distraction"   This mobilization is perfect for you athletes that get pinching or pain in your hip joint when squatting.  Our hip joint takes a beating with all the running, jumping and walking that we do during the day.  This leads to compression of the superior aspect of the acetabulum and can subsequently lead to that pinch you feel when in hip flexion.  Distraction is the hips reward for putting up with our active lifestyles.   Dr. Santo Riva, DPT, OCS, NASM-CPT is a doctor of physical therapy and board certified orthopedic specialist at Evolution Physical Therapy and Fitness in Los Angeles, California.  He uses instability training to get his patients and clients...

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