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Get Rid of Your Low Back Pain! w/ Dr Santo Riva and MostFit

September 19, 2014

    Most people at some time in their lives have had low back pain, or are suffering with it right now.  If this sounds familiar, here are 5 of the best core exercises and stretches to do to help your back be awesome.   The bridge is going to help your back by strengthening those big gluteus muscles that help to stabilize the pelvis.  The abdominal rollout will work on your rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and obliques in a safe position that will not put excessive stress or strain on to your discs or the vertebral bodies of your spine. The problem with a tight anterior hip capsule and/or tight hip flexors is that they cause the pelvis to...

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MostFit Core Hammer Fitness Sledge Hammer: 5 Exercises

September 10, 2014

  Sledgehammer workouts are dynamic and fun. With the MostFit™ Core Hammer you no longer need a bulky tire. The whole gym can hammer away at once.   Sledgehammer fitness engages all of your muscles and challenges your cardiovascular system. It's great for athletes, fitness savvy folks, and even casual exercisers. The Core Hammer weighs 8 Lbs and  can be used in your front yard, outside your office, or at a gym.  

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