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3 Ways Quality Sleep Improves Our Health

March 30, 2015

3 Ways Quality Sleep Improves Our Health The importance of sleep for wellbeing has been a prevalent topic in medical research as of late. 49% of American adults surveyed by the Better Sleep Council feel that they do not get enough sleep. In fact, it’s recommended that adults between 18 and 55 years old get 8 hours of sleep a night whereas, according to Gallup, the average amount of sleep Americans get is 6.8 hours. This is 1 hour less than the national average in 1942. But is sleep really that important? What does it do for us that makes it so important? Rejuvenation A number of biological processes occur during sleep. For instance, growth hormone, which helps to rebuild...

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5 Yoga-Inspired Mountain Climber Variations using the MostFit™ Suspension Strap

March 27, 2015

    Mountain Climber Exercise Variations With The MostFit™ Suspension Strap Suspension Training Exercises for a Strong Core Use the MostFit™ Suspension Strap to increase core strength and balance. Yoga teacher and personal trainer Erin Fukuda demonstrates 5 variations of mountain climbers with the MostFit™ Suspension Straps. 1. Suspension Strap Mountain Climbers (Tiger Pose) 2. Push-up Mountain Climber (Eka Pada Chaturanga) 3. Double Knee, Side-to-Side Knee Tucks (Side Crow)  4. Single Leg Suspended Mountain Climber with Straight Leg (Eka Pada Koundinyasana) 5. Single Leg Suspended Mountain Climber with a Twist (Eka Pada Koundinyasana, variation) Watch how MostFit™ Suspension Straps increase the efficiency of her workout. Friendly Reminders 1. Modify any movements that don't feel good, paying attention to your lower back, wrists, neck, and breath. 2....

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