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July 21, 2014

 By Lauren Haas   haasholistic.com When that 4pm “Snack Attack” hits you and you do not know what to eat, do yourself a favor a PUT DOWN THAT BAG OF CHIPS, CANDY BAR OR COOKIE!Instead, try one of my “Haas Holistic but Realistic” healthy snacks. They are all satisfying, tasty and will even energize you by balancing your blood sugar! If you can keep it organic, great, if not, don’t worry and give yourself some credit because you are not eating your usual bag of CHEETOS!1.  Hardboiled eggs with hummus or plain2. A Haas Holistic Spiced Pumpkin Blueberry Apple Walnut Muffins3. Simple Smoothie: Place 1 cup almond milk and 1 scoop protein powder in a shaker bottle. Shake. Drink. Satisfied!4. Seaweed snacks topped with...

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Introducing the MostFit Core Hammer

July 17, 2014

   '   Sledge Hammer workouts are dynamic, challenging, and fun. With the Core Hammer you no longer need a bulky tire. The whole gym can hammer away at once.   MostFit™ is extending its line of unique, efficient, and affordable fitness products with the addition of the Patent Pending MostFit Core Hammer. The Core Hammer has been in the Research and Development phase for almost 2 years. The process and materials needed in order to create a durable, functional, and affordable product proved to be difficult for the team at MostFit. Finally the right vendors and processes are in place to deliver to you the most innovative new product in sledge hammer fitness.  Sledge hammer fitness engages all of...

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