January 19, 2016

Core Hammer Circuit with WBFF Pro Jeanette Ortega



With the MostFit™ Core Hammer you no longer need a bulky tire and sledgehammer for this style of workout. The Core Hammer can be used in Group Exercise classes, Small Group training, and Personal Training. In this video, WBFF Pro, Jeanette Ortega takes you through a full-body circuit workout with the Core Hammer.


Core Hammer Circuit Workout 

This is a full-body circuit that works your legs, glutes, core, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back, forearms and cardio.

Grab your Core Hammer and follow along--Do 4-6 sets for 30 seconds; 60 seconds for more advanced practitioners.

1. Core Hammer lunge with oblique twist
2. Weighted jumping jacks
3. Asymmetrical push-ups
4. Squat thrust and slam
5. Sit up with a tap

For more instructional videos, go to YouTube: YouTube.com/mostfitworkouts