New Habits

Any Day is a Good Day to Start Building a New Healthy Habit

New Year's Resolutions. Any better than a spring time resolution or a 4th of July resolution? Your body and your metabolism can’t tell between the 31st and the 1st but research shows that even simple milestones, like Monday's or office parties, are mental launch pads for creating change.

What better milestone than the New Year to reassess the things that are important to you and set goals to make positive changes? There is a popular myth that says it takes 21 days to create a new habit. The truth is there is no set timeline for making new habits. Some are easier than others, and some people have an easier time than others. The truth is that it takes persistence, focus and hard work. Set yourself up for success in 2016 by defining your goals and taking advantage of resources like fitness classes, walking partners and online tracking systems. The following are 3 suggestions for success in the New Year.

Ways To Build A New Habit:

1) Set daily healthy intentions, such as drinking 8 glasses of water that day or getting to bed by 10pm.

2) Fitness classes, friends and coworkers are your best resources. Having a partner or trainer to hold you accountable and count on you is a great way to stay on track.

3) Start easy. Plan on 2 workouts a week in the beginning and when it becomes habit, maybe you can add on. Even a 10 minute walk counts! As long as you can stay consistent, you’ll be on your way to success.