February 16, 2016

Upcoming "pop-up" MostFit Bootcamps

Join MostFit for a free Core Hammer workout near you!

This Saturday, Feb 20, There will be 2 different pop-up classes featuring the Core Hammer.

Saturday, Feb 20 2016 @8:30 am: The Studio in Ventura CA

Check out their website here for an opportunity to join MostFit and The Studio for a circuit style bootcamp. We will be using the Core Hammer, SYN Rings, and various other MostFit gear for a full body workout.

Saturday, Feb 20 2016 @1:00 pm: Kinesis Movement Studio in Culver City CA

This workout is a special Charity Fundraiser for Catch a Lift, a Charity that helps to provide gym memberships and equipment to wounded vets. Join Kinesis for their "HIITSH*T" class and get out your aggressions while get a great workout and helping a vet at the same time. list the Kinesis Facebook page here.

Contact MostFit at andrew@most-fit.com with any questions or to book a free pop-up workout at your facility. We are available throughout the U.S. at various times and will be in FL for a couple of  weeks in late March/early April.