April 25, 2014

Row Exercise With The MostFit™ Resistance Tube


Row Exercise With The MostFit™ Resistance Tube

Check out this row exercise with The MostFit™ Resistance Tube. The row exercise is one of my favorite postural exercises that I give to most of my patients that suffer from neck, back, or shoulder pain.  Computer posture - that crappy posture people have who regularly spend more than a few hours in front of the computer - puts our scapulae in a protracted position.  In this position, our rhomboids and mid traps are lengthened, and have a hard time firing optimally.  A stronger mid-back helps give you the ability to spend hours in front of the computer with better posture.  Combine rows with “W’s” for more postural muscle strength and endurance training.

Dr. Santo Riva, DPT, OCS, NASM-CPT is a doctor of physical therapy and board certified orthopedic specialist at Evolution Physical Therapy and Fitness in Los Angeles, California.  He uses instability training to get his patients and clients back into the game and into the best shape of their lives.


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