June 20, 2014

Assisted Pistol Squat Exercise Using MostFit™ Suspension Strap

 Assisted Pistol Squat Exercise 


Assisted Pistol Squat Exercise Using MostFit™ Suspension Strap

The pistol squat is what separates the men from the boys (and women from the girls….)  If you can’t do them, you may be lacking sufficient lower extremity strength, range of motion, motor control, and/or all of the above.  For those who are lacking adequate strength, or have problems balancing or controlling the movement through the full range of motion, the MostFit™ Suspension Straps can assist you.  The nice thing is that you can control how much assistance your upper extremities are giving you.  Doing the assisted pistol squat is the best way to gradually build up the strength and motor control to perform one unassisted.  If you can already perform one or two unassisted, but then burnout, use the straps to help you build up to a set of 10.  

Dr. Santo Riva, DPT, OCS, NASM-CPT is a doctor of physical therapy and board certified orthopedic specialist at Evolution Physical Therapy and Fitness in Los Angeles, California.  He uses instability training to get his patients and clients back into the game and into the best shape of their lives.


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