July 21, 2014

Healthy Snack Attacks!

Healthy Snack Attacks

Healthy Snack Attacks!

By Lauren Haas   haasholistic.com

When that 4pm “Snack Attack” hits you and you do not know what to eat, do yourself a favor and PUT DOWN THAT BAG OF CHIPS, CANDY BAR OR COOKIE!

Instead, try one of my “Haas Holistic but Realistic” healthy snacks. They are all satisfying, tasty and will even energize you by balancing your blood sugar! If you can keep it organic, great, if not, don’t worry and give yourself some credit because you are not eating your usual bag of CHEETOS!

1.  Hardboiled eggs with hummus or plain

2. A Haas Holistic Spiced Pumpkin Blueberry Apple Walnut Muffins

3. Simple Smoothie: Place 1 cup almond milk and 1 scoop protein powder in a shaker bottle. Shake. Drink. Satisfied!

4. Seaweed snacks topped with avocado and veggies

5. Kale chips or Wonderfully Raw Snip Chips!

6. Seaweed with almond butter, cinnamon and Truvia

7. A spoonful of my Spicy Haitian Almond Butter Dip with celery or an apple

8. Grass-fed, wild, organic Jerky (beef, salmon, bison, turkey, etc…)

9. ¼ cup nuts with 1 tablespoon Goji berries

10. Guacamole, hummus or Dijon-Balsamic Dip with raw veggies

11.  2-3 oz Organic deli meats with some veggies

12. Cup of veggie soup

13. Gluten free crackers with avocado and hummus or turkey

14. Jicama sticks and salsa

15. Organic carrots, celery and cucumbers with Trader Joe’s Eggplant Dip

16. A piece of fruit and 10 almonds

Lauren Haas is an AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, C.N.C, C.N.H.P, Holistic Nutrition Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach as well as a Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach based in Los Angeles, CA. You can find out more about Lauren, her services, and her delicious recipes at haasholistic.com.


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