October 15, 2014

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Charity Workout

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Charity Workout

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In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness month, Anthony Eisenhower and Brood 9 Martial Arts is going to be giving you a Charity Workout that will kick cancers butt!  Breast cancer i s a devastating disease that has hit so many of us either personally or within our family and friends.  Brood 9 wants to really give back to  an organization that does so much for  Breast Cancer  Awareness and Research and they want to do it in a fun and inviting way.

Register here: http://kickingforboobies.eventbrite.com

Brood 9 is doing a 2 hour Workshop with the Proceeds going to Making  Strides against Breast Cancer (through the American Cancer Society in Torrance).  This workshop will be all about Tricking (cool ways to kick)!  Tricking as seen throughout movies, breakdancing, live performances and  more is a performance form of Martial Arts that showcases different ways  to move your body and throw kicks, through acrobatics and body control  they'll  be going through the basics of this as well as giving you a great  workout in the process.  This 2 hour workshop will cover:

  • Mobility/Flexibility 
  • Basic Tumbling
  • Basic and Advanced Kick Forms
  • Wall Jumps
  • Using Partners
  • Throwing Multiple Kicks and making it stylish

There is no previous ability or martial arts background necessary, just a  willingness to have fun and give back to a great cause. There will also be  a Raffle with some Fun Prizes, including prizes from MostFit, and All Participants will receive a  Goodie Bag!  Let's Kick Cancer's Butt with Style!

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