November 04, 2014

Inertrain Launch Event and Party


Inertrain Launch Event

Thursday, November 6th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

ROC 604 Arizona Ave, Santa Monica CA

About Inertrain:

Inertrain is a unique portal and community for online personal training.

MostFit™ works closely with Inertrain and MostFit™ portable fitness products are used and available on

Thursdays party will be a re-launch of the new branding and design and all are welcome to come enjoy the festivities. Please check out

Online Personal Training Community Portal

There is no one way or best way to train. The best routine is no routine. The best approach, is to train based on goals and personal circumstances. The best workouts are about quality, not quantity. It is possible to have a great workout in 20 minutes.

Now, with the tools of technology and the internet, there are no limits or bounds to the reach of the personal trainer. It is possible to have a great individualized workout anytime, anywhere. We are building the foundation for an entire health and wellness community that is not limited by geography or time zone.

Going "above and beyond" is the normal way we do business. We delight our clients by meeting their needs and exceeding all of their expectations. 

Mission: Our mission is to create and deliver an affordable personal fitness program that can be used by anyone, wherever they are, and whenever it is convenient.

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