December 02, 2014

Functional Training Exercises on the MostFit™ Suspension Strap

 Nick Iadonisi - BioMechanix Personal Training



Creative Suspension Strap Exercises

Here's a fun video of Nick Iadonisi of BioMechanix Personal Training getting creative with the MostFit™ Suspension Strap. This is the process of how he creates and comes up with various functional training exercises. We hope this video inspires you to get creative with your workouts to see how your body can move in many different ways utilizing the various equipment you have, which might be a suspension strap, resistance tube, weights, or your own body weight!

Functional Training is a great form of exercise

Nick Iadonisi promotes functional training and postural awareness as a means of gaining optimal health. He uses suspension training with the MostFit™ Suspension Strap to help his clients stay healthy and remain injury free. 

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