December 23, 2014

Portable, Fun, Functional Sledgehammer Workout w/ MostFit™ Core Hammer

 mostfit Core Hammer Fitness Sledgehammer Workout Without The Tire



Portable, Fun, Functional Sledgehammer Workout w/ MostFit Core Hammer 

Functional training at its best. Sledgehammer workouts are fun and effective. With the MostFit Core Hammer you can take it to the streets... or garage, or driveway! No tire needed. The Core Hammer's patent pending head can take all of the impact making your Fitness sledgehammer a piece of portable fitness equipment. Try Core Hammer swings and slams, slams, and paddle with lunge along with over 100 more great functional training exercises. Get your own MostFit Core Hammer today.

Sledgehammer Workouts Without The Tire

This is a great way to workout with friends or train multiple clients in a bootcamp or functional training gym. You don't need a bulky tire so you can all slam away at once.

Consult a physician before performing this or any exercise program. You as the user are responsible independently for use of any fitness programs or equipment and assume the risks of any resulting injury. 

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