May 05, 2016

The Healthy Jetsetter: Tips & Tricks to Stay on Track On the Road


One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

Curiously Steph shares her travel tips to stay healthy and on track while on the road. Click HERE to read the full article with extra tips on "What to Wear", etc.


Navigating airport terminals, Homeland Security and the unofficial international catwalk is a challenge in itself.  Whether I’m concerned that my carry-on nailclippers will convict me as an international terrorist or that I forgot to wear matching socks (or any socks at all), as I disrobe in front of a crowd of international strangers, the last thing I want to worry about is staying healthy.   Lucky for you, you don’t have to. 

Here are my tried-and-true ways to survive all of the health sabotages that come along with a day of travel. 



My carry-on is always my carry-all.  A few lost bags and a bad case of jet lag will teach you to always be prepared.  Here are my tried-n-true travel tips for everything you didn’t know you needed. 
  •    Extra Socks & Undies. You will thank me when they lose your bag.
  •    EMPTY Water Bottle.  Refill once you get through security to keep hydrated and happy. 
  • Midol. Helps de-bloat and flush-out on long flights.  Take two tablets every 5 hours.
  •    Toiletries.  Toothpaste, brush, facewash & makeup remover to arrive fresh-faced and ready to go!
  •    Healthy Snacks.  Trail mix packs & protein bars because have you seen the airplane concierge?? This girl’s gotta eat… Anything but that.
  •    Total Body Moisturizer. From lips to legs and everything in between.  Stay soft, my friends. 
  •    Mostfit Resistance Bands.  Portable & practical, these make sure I never miss a workout (even if it is in the middle of the Taiwan terminal).


Don’t expect to find Tupperware-d chicken in this girl’s purse.  Convenience is my middle name, and luckily eating healthy while you travel is getting easier and easier.  Here’s my “How-to-eat-airport-food-without-spontaneously-combusting” list:

  •   Starbucks. You skipped breakfast.  Again.  Luckily Starbucks has great options to grab-n-go.  I always make sure to pick up a Green Juice, a Protein Box or a Kind Bar as soon as I’m through security.
  •    In-Flight Meals.  If you are flying international, you can request meals for certain diet restrictions.  Request “Diabetic” so you aren’t stuck with a meal packed full of bread and sugar. 
  •    Snacks. Trail mix, beef jerky, apples and protein bars are my go-to’s.  Bring your own or pick some up at a terminal convenience shop so you aren’t stuck with the concierge in Coach.
  •    Water.  I said it before and I’ll say it again.  Bring your own water bottle.  There’s nothing worse then spending $7 on a water and still ending up dehydrated. 


Small actions reap big rewards on an arduous day of travel; go the extra mile and see it make a difference.  

  •    Workout. 15 minutes of stretching or an easy jog is ideal before take-off and within 24 hours of landing to prevent in-flight thrombosis and jet lag. 

  •    Stretch Every 2 Hours.  Find the nearest terminal or airplane bathroom walk-way and try this sequence: squat-lunge-back bend.  You may look crazy but you will feel fantastic. 
  •    Check for Airport Fitness Centers. Long layover? Spend that time sweating (and showering)!  Airports are now jumping on the health train; most have a basic fitness center as well as a locker room to freshen up.  Check ahead to see if your airport has a fitness center.