January 04, 2015

InerTRAIN and MostFit™ Make Personal Training Accessible & Affordable to Anyone

Starting and Maintaining a Fitness Routine Can Be Daunting...

Do I join a gym? How much will it cost? How much time do I need to set aside? I want the expertise and motivation of a personal trainer, but don't know where to begin.

InerTRAIN is a unique portal and community for online personal training.  They offer personalized training centered around the needs of the client. Their values are based on creating relationships that foster authenticity, while supporting the individual's needs to get the long lasting support and results they desire. Founder, Jeff Marinucci, was a busy Fortune 100 executive who traveled all the time and got in the best shape of his life via online personal training. It was with this accomplishment that he decided to create a portal for anyone and everyone who wants the freedom and ability to experience what fitness can do for their lives. Inertrain’s mission is to create and deliver an affordable personal fitness program that can be used by anyone, wherever they are, and whenever it is convenient.

How are InerTRAIN and MostFit Connected?

MostFit™ works closely with Inertrain and MostFit™ portable fitness products are used and available on Inertrain.com. MostFit™ Strives to provide unique, effective, efficient and affordable fitness products to help you be the MostFit™ You Can Be.

We know that fitness means something different to every individual. That's why the crew here at MostFit™ strives to help you be the MostFit™ you can be. Anytime. Anywhere. Our line of fitness products features something for everyone, including busy executives, busy parents, veteran weightlifters, firefighters, doctors, retirees, personal trainers, yogis, students, and newbies to fitness. We know you're out there! Fitness is for everyone and it belongs to you. 

Online Personal Training Community Portal

There is no one way or best way to train. The best approach, is to train based on goals and personal circumstances. The best workouts are about quality, not quantity. It is possible to have a great workout in 20 minutes.

Now, with the tools of technology and the internet, there are no limits or bounds to the reach of the personal trainer. It is possible to have a great individualized workout anytime, anywhere. InerTRAIN is building the foundation for an entire health and wellness community that is not limited by geography or time zone.

Going "above and beyond" is the normal way they do business. Inertrain delights their clients by meeting their needs and exceeding all of their expectations.

What if I Already Workout Regularly and Need Some Creativity and Inspiration?

Everyone, including athletes and trainers, needs some inspiration every now and then. 

You can also GET STARTED today by filling out the application on InerTRAIN's website. 

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