February 03, 2015

Benefits of Corporate Wellness

Benefits of Corporate Wellness

Our sister company, AG Fitness has provided wellness services to companies, both big and small, since 2009 and is an experienced provider of corporate wellness solutions and services for your workforce and your company’s bottom line. Investing in the health of your employees, creating a healthy and nurturing environment, and supporting a collaborative atmosphere can help to create a more productive workforce and increase your ROI.


AG Fitness staffs and manages on-site fitness classes, nutritious snack delivery, educational seminars, wellness program design and in-house marketing, and more in an effort to save your company money and to protect the health of your most valuable asset…your staff. Lack of accessibility is the number one reason most people claim to skip their daily exercise. Simply providing on site fitness facilities or classes not only promotes a healthy lifestyle among your staff but can be a very effective way of showing your staff how important they really are!


Building an atmosphere of trust and camaraderie between your employees is imperative for success. Special events like Rock Climbing, 5K/10K races, or Happy Hour at the office are great Team Building opportunities! 


There are many studies out there showing the benefits of incorporating a wellness program for your company. This study, done in collaboration with the World Health Organization, reveals research that shows that the workplace is an optimal setting for initiating positive lifestyle change among people in the workforce. Click here to read the study.


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