February 04, 2015

Benefits of Drinking Water


I used to work with a guy who would follow every complaint made by a co-worker, ranging from tiredness, hunger, headaches, spasms, to catching a cold with, "Have a glass of water." He was on to something. Dehydration is the leading cause of most of these ailments. Coach Anthony Eisenhower, owner of Brood 9 Martial Arts, in Lomita, CA shares his tips on drinking water to prevent fatigue, loss of coordination, and more.

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How Much Water Do I Need?

How do you know how much water your body needs? The recommended amount is 8, 8oz glasses of water per day, but this can vary depending on your lifestyle. If you are active, or live somewhere dry or warm, you will probably require a bit more. One way to know is to experiment. Many people get the 3pm slump. Instead of going for that energy drink, guzzle a big glass of water and see how you feel. Sip water throughout the day, and during your workouts. Make sure to follow up a workout with another big glass. If you are prone to muscle spasms, you will want to supplement with electrolytes. Nutritionist, Lauren Haas of haasholistic.com recommends a pinch of pink salt in your water after workouts to prevent headaches and cramping, which is what MostFit's co-founder, Erin, was experiencing during hikes. The salt in the water worked like a charm.

Start Your Day with a Big Glass of Water 

When you wake up, there is a good chance that you haven't had anything to drink in approximately 6-8 hours. You are dehydrated! Drink 16oz water as soon as you rise. Make it a ritual. A warm cup of lemon water is fantastic for balancing your PH and boosting your immune system. Water also lubricates the joints, soothes dry eyes and skin, assists digestion, and more! You can have your tea and coffee also, but make sure you also have your water.  

Fruit Infused Water

Many people don't like the taste of water. If this is you, try adding things to your water like cucumber, mint, berries, or citrus. Get creative with your water, especially if you find it boring and plain to drink. The inter web offers many wonderful recipes and ideas. Google fruit-infused water, or look on Pinterest for inspiration.

Now, stop what you are doing and drink a glass of water! Cheers! 

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