May 16, 2016

College Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year Michael Rankin

 Strength and conditioning coach of the year Michael rankin drexel dragons

Our Newest Ambassador

MostFit would like to welcome head strength and conditioning coach from Drexel university Michael Rankin as a new Master Trainer and member of Team MostFit.

"For years I have wanted to incorporate an exercise that was similar to splitting wood or cutting down a tree.  Not easy when you work in the city.  The Core Hammer has solved this challenge.  I have used sledgehammers in the past but if you work in a facility like mine you do not always have access to your tractor tires.  The Core Hammer does not need a tire and depending on your surface you may not need anything at all.
I have found these movements to be especially beneficial for implement sports (field hockey, lacrosse, tennis, squash, and softball).  This is a total body coordinated movement that unlike other variations incorporates a tremendous amount of grip work.  This can not be simulated with a medicine ball throw or slam.  Not to mention it is pretty gratifying to hit something as hard as you can with a hammer."
Coach Rankin will be leading Core Hammer Workshops for fit pros and incorporating MostFit gear into his training protocols. Check out his athlete page and our other ambassadors here.