February 17, 2015

What Does Being 'MostFit' Mean To You?

Photo: Steph Davis http://highinfatuation.com

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and think about this. What does being 'MostFit' mean to you? Is it a short or long term goal, like climbing Half Dome, or getting to yoga 3x a week? Is it beating your time on the track or in your WOD? Does it involve having healthy relationships, especially the one with yourself? Does it involve overcoming a mental barrier, like fear of heights? Does it involve changing a physical attribute, like having a stronger core or improving your posture? Does it involve having more time to do the things you love? Does it involve more vitality, a stronger immune system, getting more sleep, or drinking more water? Does it encompass mindfulness or meditation, and being able to breathe through life's challenges?

Be The MostFit You Can Be. Anytime. Anywhere

The MostFit slogan, "Be The MostFit You Can Be. Anytime. Anywhere" means different things to each of us. The definition of being fit and healthy means different things to each of us. Ask a kid what being MostFit is to them and they will probably tell you it's being able to play and climb trees. Ask a grandparent and they might say, being fit enough to keep up with their grandkids, or to travel the world.  Ask a ninja or an outdoor survival expert, and you will get a different answer. MostFit strives to provide unique, effective, efficient and affordable fitness products, as well as a culture based on self-love and respect, to help the people in our community to be the MostFit they can be--in body, mind, and spirit. Let's face it--there are some people in the fitness industry who have practices that are quite the opposite of what we deem healthy, but they are MostFit in their field. We also have friends and family in our community who don't work in the health or fitness industry, but are MostFit and exemplify wellness in many aspects of their lives. 

Being MostFit

Being the MostFit you can be doesn't have to be stressful. One way to let go of the stress is by not comparing yourself or your path to anyone else's. Remember, there is no one like you. Repeat that sentence again, slower. Only you live inside your body and only you know what it feels like. Do things that make you feel good. I'm sure we've all experienced that feeling of not wanting to take the dog for a walk, but once you do, you feel so much better, and you have a happy dog. It's a win, win. :)

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