February 17, 2015

Top Benefits of Sledgehammer Training by Coach Scott York

Benefits of Sledgehammer Training

Sledgehammer exercise training is the epitome of “old school” exercise. But a lot of us think of the sledgehammer as being one dimensional – using it only for striking a tractor tire. I know I did before having the light bulb come on in my head. In this article, I hope to open your eyes to numerous other incredible ways of using a simple sledgehammer in your bootcamp and fitness training."

Benefits of Sledgehammer Training:

  • Improved conditioning

  • Increased strength

  • Improved awareness

  • Improved athleticism

  • Improved hand/eye coordination

  • Portability

  • Inexpensive

  • Multi-dimensional (in the picture above, I’m doing a hard (core) exercise similar to a plank. Except it’s much harder. And if you want to pull one leg off of the ground, it just got even harder. And then if you want to “walk” your hands down about 5 lengths and back up again, have fun!"

How To Incorporate The MostFit™ Core Hammer For Sledgehammer Training 

MostFit™ has developed an innovative product, The MostFit Core Hammer for sledgehammer training. The beauty here is that you no longer need a bulky tire for slamming. The Core Hammer is portable and versatile--perfect for on-the-go trainers--perfect for gyms who want less clutter and more efficiency by having several people using the Core Hammer at once--perfect for fire fighters or divers, who are constantly training to keep their high level of stamina and life-saving skills--perfect for the home gym, where the Core Hammer can be used in the garage, driveway, or sidewalk--perfect for surfers or any type of paddling sport, to improve endurance, grip and rotational core strength--the list goes on.

Versatility with Core Hammer and Sledgehammer Training

As mentioned by Scott York, sledgehammer training is no longer limited to just striking a tire. Balancing the Core Hammer  for walk-down planks, using it for a paddle row, Turkish Get-Ups, burpees, slamming it against a punching bag, using it for core exercises, like Roman Twists or crunch slams, are also challenging and fun by taking the boredom out of your regular workout. 

Watch here for a demonstration on how to do a Flagpole Squat and Matrix Sit ups with the MostFit Core Hammer.

Sledgehammer Exercises

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