February 24, 2015

How To Beat Stress Demons


Holistic nutritionist, Lauren Haas shares how she beats her stress demons. 

"Instead of letting the stress demons take me down, I decided to fight back with dedicating the rest of February and all of March to my happiness and self-care. So how does a “happy go-lucky, I love myself a lot gal” make herself happy when times get rough? I create a SELF-CARE PLAN and make it a point to do something nice for myself every single day. It’s tough, but someone has to do it!"

Self Care Plan

Lauren shares her top 8 tips to beating stress! On her list are:

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Haven't you always wanted to know how a nutritionist eats?  

Lauren mentions in her SELF-CARE PLAN that she eats a slice of Ezekiel bread almost every morning. 

GOOD CARBS = SEROTONIN and do not make you fat. Too many calories do and not exercising!

FACT: Serotonin HELPS control your appetite and WILL STOP you from overeating.  It  is also essential to keep your moods regulated. Eat it with a little protein like some nut butter, hummus or a hard boiled egg for a great snack and to keep your blood sugar from spiking. 

For more healthy tips and recipes, check out Lauren at www.haasholistic.com  

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