February 25, 2015

7 Effective Sledgehammer Exercise Workouts With The Core Hammer

Circuit: Sledgehammer Workout

Want to break a sweat, gain some strength, and let off some steam? Sledgehammer workouts are the way to go. Try these 7 sledgehammer exercises in a circuit with the MostFit™ Core Hammer. 

7 Effective Sledgehammer Exercise Workouts

1. Alternating Sledgehammer Slams

 Sledgehammer Slam Exercises

Probably the most classic of sledgehammer exercise workouts.. Keep a semi-wide stance, engage your core, and protect your grip on the Core hammer handle. Take out some aggression on the gym floor or driveway. Sometime alternating take practice but the best thing to do is to start slow and build up a rhythm. You'll have it down in no time.


2. Paddle Lunges

Sledgehammer Paddle Lunges

Add a twist to your sledgehammer workout with the paddle lunges. You can alternate or do one side at a time. Hold the Core Hammer like you would for a slam, step back with your right leg into a lunge, and twist your torso, and the hammer, to the left. Be sure to keep your hips center and your abs tight.


3. Flag Pole Squats

Sledgehammer Flag Pole Squats

Flag pole squats are a great grip strengthening exercise as well as a lower body challenge. Hold the Core hammer in front of you, the lower your grip, and the closer your hands are to each other, the harder this move will be. Drop your hips back and down into a deep squat while balancing the Core Hammer as best as you can.


4. Paddle Lunges w/ Slams

Paddle Lunges With Sledgehammer Slams

Much like the previous Paddle Lunges, but with an added slam. Step back into your lunge, and twist just like before. As you come out of that lunge, step into a semi-wide base and do a sledgehammer slam. You can alternate or repeat on the same side.


5. Sledgehammer Burpee Slams

Sledgehammer Burpee Slams

Everyone’s favorite exercise with an added bonus. Sledgehammer burped with a slam. Drop to the floor like a standard burped but keep your hands on the Core Hammer handle. Do a full push up and pop back up to your feet. Make sure you land in a semi-wide base and slam the Core Hammer on the grounds. Try to alternate sides if you can. Who knew there would be a way to make burpees harder???


6. Single Arm Flagpole Lunges

Another great grip strength challenge. Hold the Core Hammer vertically in your right hand. The lower on the handle you grab, the more challenging it will be to balance. Step back with your right leg into a lunge. Keep an eye on the head of the Core Hammer, it helps to keep balance. Step back up slowly and repeat.


7. Sit Up Slams

Sledgehammer Sit Up Slams

One of our favorite sledgehammer exercises, which can only be done with a MostFit™ Core Hammer. Sit on the ground with your legs straddled. Hold on tot the Core Hammer with both hands and extend over head. Slam the Core hammer in front of you as hard as you can. As the hammer rebounds lay back on the floor and then hit the ground behind you as hard as possible. as the hammer rebounds sit back up again and repeat. The Core Hammer really provides a dynamic and fun way to challenge your core.

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