May 31, 2016

Core Hammer: Warm Up Series

Three Core Hammer Warm Up Exercises

Try these exercises as part of your warm up before you start your Core Hammer workout. 

Core Hammer warm up exercises

 Stir The Pot: Hamstring and Back Stretch

Stir the Pot with Core Hammer is a great dynamic warm up. Place the Head of the Core Hammer on the ground in front of you and place your hands on the tail end. Lean forward, hinging at the hips as you reach your arms out to the left and rotate the handle around to the right. Repeat in the other direction for a great hamstring, lat and back stretch.

Standing Twist: Rotational Warm Up

Core Hammer Standing Twist is a great warm up for the entire body especially the core. Hold the Core Hammer in the hammer grip and keep your knees soft. Alternating twisting at the hips from side to side.

Dig a Hole: Lower Body and Shoulder Warm Up

Dig a Hole with the Core Hammer us a great warm up and lower body strengthening exercise. Hold the Core Hammer in a hammer grip with soft knees, as you drop in to a squat, mimic a shoveling motion with the Core Hammer. Repeat