May 31, 2016

MostFit Master Trainer Tip- Breathing During Explosive Exercises

This weeks MostFit Master Trainer Tip comes from Michael Rankin CSCS, head strength and conditioning coach at Drexel University

Breathing During Explosive Exercises

Yes I am fully aware that breathing is controlled by the autonomic nervous system… which means that it is run automatically without a person’s conscious effort.  That means that everyone is an expert, right?  Wrong!  

Breathing needs to be taught, practiced and even consciously controlled at times.  For example, when swinging the Core Hammer (repetitive chops) I would suggest inhaling through the nose slowly (back swing/recovery phase) followed by a quick exhale through the mouth  (one burst for every fast movement).  When the set is complete I would immediately begin pursed lip breathing.  Pursed lip breathing is a breathing technique that consists of exhaling through tightly pressed lips and inhaling through the nose with your mouth closed.  This will speed recovery so a high level performance can be repeated.   

Here is an example of how I coach recovery or pursed lip breathing:

1.  Stand up tall and take a deep breath (as long as possible)
2.  Purse lips and exhale through the mouth (slow as possible 5-10 seconds)
3.  Repeat 2-5x 
4.  Continue to breathe in through the nose but relax your lips and let the air naturally flow out of your mouth or nose.  

“The nose is made for breathing while the mouth is made for eating and drinking.  Breathe in through your nose.”    

Fact:  what can people live the least amount of time without?  
A.  Water
B.  Food
C.  Air

You guessed it – C. = AIR

-Michael R. Rankin, CSCS, RSCC*D"