May 31, 2016

MostFit Motivation-Carina Inspired a Community of Moms With Her Success

This Weeks MostFit Motivation Story is about Carina Corral


Master Trainer Mike Z Robinson from MZR Fitness in California created a 6 week program for Carina less than 2 months ago and she completed it last week and killed it. Carina's improvements include:

Lost 5 lbs                                                                                                                  Decreased bodyfat by 5.9%                                                                                                     Improved Her Mileage By 2 Miles

All within 6 weeks! What makes her story remarkable is the fact that she is 37 years old, works full time, is married, has 2 sons (one who is about a year old), and has an insanely busy schedule….which are all reasons that lots of moms say that they DON'T have time to workout; but Carina just inspired a community of moms by showing that you can still do all of the above while also taking care of yourself too! 

Carina sought the help of a pro, set her intentions, and followed through. Good luck to all of you on your own journey, and hopefully Carina's story can inspire you to keep working!