June 06, 2016

MostFit Motivation- Exercise for a Healthy Pregnancy

Procreate Pre natal strength training seminar


Proper Fitness and Nutrition are Important Even Before You Conceive

Stephanie came to see MostFit Ambassador Colleen Flaherty at Baby Bump Academy 4 weeks after being hospitalized for rhabdo. An avid runner who loves to move, she was cleared for exercise but did not want to step foot back in the gym she was injured at. Thinking about starting a family but needing to rebuild her strength in preparation of pregnancy made training with Colleen an easy choice.

Stephanie got pregnant only a couple months after they began working together and is now in her third trimester with very minor aches, healthy, and in love with all of her exercises including the Core Hammer! It's her favorite piece of equipment at the Baby Bump Academy studio!

Fitness Professionals; interested in learning how to guide your clients through a safe and productive pregnancy while strength training? Check out Prokreate