June 06, 2016

MostFit Master Trainer Tip- Confidence Is Key

 This weeks MostFit Master Trainer Tip comes from Mike Z. Robinson, Personal Trainer and owner at MZR Fitness in California. 

Personal trainer Mike Z Robinson with client Ryan

 Confidence Is Key When it Comes to Lifestyle Change

Often times, simply believing you can accomplish a goal is the first step to actually achieving it. Getting in shape is hard, being overweight is hard, being slow is hard ---- Choose YOUR HARD ---- which hard do you want to deal with?

Believe in yourself and your abilities to get better.  The exact moment that someone makes the definitive decision to change his or her life, he or she will see things come together like never before. The decision is all yours!

 The picture featured is of Ryan, who ran his 1st 5k back in March and has lost 19 lbs himself in the last 5 weeks. Ryan made the decision that he could achieve his goals and put in the work. His journey is pretty incredible!