April 07, 2015

Training with Resistance Tubes

Resistance tubes offer a variety of workout benefits. For one, they are relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and portable. Secondly, they improve balance, strengthen muscles, and prevent injuries. 

Resistance Tubes for All Levels of Fitness 

The MostFit Resistance Tubes come in 3 different weights--light, medium and heavy. Whether you are beginning an exercise regime or are a seasoned athlete, you can incorporate resistance training into your workouts, varying the tension to accommodate or challenge your muscles. For example, if you are doing a bicep curl and need less tension, you can place one foot on the tube as pictured in the photo above. If you need more resistance, stand on the tube with both feet. 

Diversify Your Workouts

Training with Resistance Tubes adds a different dimension by varying the types of exercises you can do. With Resistance Tubes, one can move the body in different directions, switching easily from upper body to lower body, and core. One can also strength train and stretch the muscles with Resistance Tubes.

Resistance Tubes for Rehab and Prevention

Resistance Tubes are commonly used in sports medicine for injury rehabilitation and prevention. Physical therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and yoga therapists are no strangers to resistance training. During the rehab phase of an injury, one of the goals is to strengthen the underused muscles to prevent injuries, while bringing circulation into the body. Resistance Tubes can assist in speeding up your recovery. 

Convenience and Simplicity of Resistance Tubes 

One of MostFit's purposes in the fitness industry is to keep things as simple as possible. Our products are lightweight, easy to travel with, simple to use, and affordable. The MostFit Resistance Tubes are priced at $14.95 and can be taken anywhere which makes life so much simpler whether you are a personal trainer, doctor, student, busy-parent, or traveling business executive. 

Core Energy Anchors for Resistance Training 

Our friends at Core Energy Fitness have a variety of anchors for your home gym and studio. The Anchor Gym and Hammer Head Storage Rack are great tools to keep your tubes and suspension straps off the floor and ready to use anytime!