April 13, 2015

The Medieval Game of Thrones Diet from Bergmann Fitness NYC

Our friends at Bergmann Fitness in NYC have shared how ANYTHING can be turned into a diet, even Game of Thrones, and how modern day training using the MostFit Core Hammer can prepare you for knighthood! 

“Most popular diets share the same common principals – which in theory is why they all work, at least for a period of time. Reduce total food intake, eat less junk, eat more whole foods, reduce refined carbohydrates, eat more vegetables, and stick to leaner meats.

After that, it’s just placing an enticing patina over the basics to try and get you to purchase books, supplements, and whatever else they can successfully market to you.”

That being said…

Since most of the population of the Seven Kingdoms is poor, and because winter has been coming for 4 seasons, the majority of people in Westeros are likely living on rather meager subsistence. To make matters worse, technology in The Seven Kingdoms is fairly primitive so *obviously* there are no cheap processed foods to comfort you in the dark and terrifying nights.

Phase One: Eat like the Smallfolk (Weight Loss Protocol)

In Phase One you will teach your body to subsist on minimal resources. Sure, some people might liken this to starving, but in fact you are just letting the body feed off of its excesses. In this phase you will be training your body to overcome hunger by limiting caloric intake. *Cough, cough, theoretically.*

For the entire meal plan, CLICK HERE. 


Phase Two: Work out like a Knight (Metabolic Stimulation Protocol)

In Medieval times young men were said to have trained approximately 14 years before they could be considered for knighthood. They were required to master using a two-handed sword, battle axe, mace, dagger and lance, all while wearing around 50lbs of battle armor.

Meal Plan: 4 Small Meals Per Day

You must keep up your strength while training. Keep your meals small, and spread them out over the course of the day.

What to Eat & Drink
Everything from Phase One plus…
Wild caught freshwater fish
Wild Berries
Hard Cheeses

Roasted farmed meats (such as cow, pig, and chicken)

Activity Level: Intense 

6 hours or more of intense exercise per week. Think of it this way – You are training to be a total badass. Activities such as running, weight training, swinging large objects, and crushing skulls are all good options. Come to think of it, there’s a fun new exercise tool called the Mostfit Core Hammer that would work nicely.

Phase Three and Four:

CLICK HERE for details on How to Maintain Nobleman or Noblewoman-ly Composure, and How to Binge like a King. 

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