April 22, 2015

Hammers Everywhere by Scott York Fitness!

In this blog from @ScottYork, Scott explains the history and efficacy of sledgehammer training, and also offers training tips with videos and exercises to try. He is also the author of The Sledgehammer Training Manual, and is offering it at a discounted price! 

The MostFit Core Hammer is a tireless sledgehammer that weighs 8-lbs and provides endless functional training workouts, plus athletic conditioning. The benefit of the MostFit Core Hammer is that it is portable and can be slammed on any hard surface, such as a garage, the sidewalk, a parking lot, or a gym floor. It requires much less space since you no longer need a tractor tire to strike it on. 


Sledgehammers are asymmetrical which lends itself to a unique blend of balance (and imbalance) when used in exercise. There’s a big gravitational pull on the heavy side of the sledgehammer which is a totally different feel unlike anything else. The Sledgehammer forces your core and the muscles on the other side of the body to compensate by working harder and unknowingly.

"This extra length changes the workout significantly. More engagement of the core and shoulders to swing and control the extra weight."       -on7heway, Fort Bragg, NC, United States

The unknowing is what makes sledgehammer training so effective. Your muscles MUST engage in order to compensate for these imbalances. If done intensely enough this cuts down on the need for long abdominal workouts as the core muscles will be completely “hammered”. I’ve incorporated the sledgehammer in my own training for the past few years. As I get ready to compete in “Austin’s Fittest” competition in 6 weeks, I can tell the difference when I run the mile (which is one of the 10 fitness tests that I will undergo). I’m now running the mile in the 7′s as opposed to the 9′s (9 minutes). I firmly believe that a stronger core is the biggest difference related to my sledgehammer training. I’m a more efficient runner.

"Another thing that makes lower body power and running truly efficient is the ability to achieve triple flexion and extension of the ankle, knee, and hip with good stability (i.e. motor control) to drive that movement and those generated forces in the intended direction. The following exercise will help enhance your running mechanics and add to your ability to generate faster, stronger steps in the most streamline direction needed." – Diane Vives, C.S.C.S.



Scott York's manual includes "Quick Training Tips" so you don't have to second guess yourself. Here's what you get...

  • The Sledgehammer Workout Manual (why you should use a sledgehammer, benefits of sledgehammer training, filled with descriptions, photos, exercises, workouts and more)!
  • The Sledgehammer Workout “Quick Start Guide” so you can get started today!
  • The Sledgehammer Workout “Reference Guides” – step by step guides with photos, descriptions of the workouts, duration of each exercise, total average calories burned, time to complete workout – these handy guides will remove any questions that you may have!
  • Over 100 photos of exercises and warm ups!
  • 34 high definition videos of warm ups, exercises and workouts!

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Take all of the guess work out of your Sledgehammer Training. Whether you set up stations in your bootcamp using just one sledgehammer, issue partner challenges or have full blown workouts using multiple sledgehammers, I’ve got you covered!