April 28, 2015

Partner Workouts

Finding a workout partner can keep your workouts fun while you help each other stay motivated. Whether it's your neighbor you walk with after work, your partner/better half who you do Spartan Races with, your BFF who belays you while climbing, or spots you at the gym, or your trainer who meets you at the park--all provide a sense of camaraderie, which helps you to show up for each other. There's the saying, "The couple that trains together stays together." Try it out! 

Partner Workout Drills 

Here's a partner drill you can do with the MostFit Resistance Band. 


and here you can grab some portable and lightweight MostFit Resistance Tubes and head to the gym or park with a friend... 

Hiking is fun too, but there's safety in numbers so please take a friend...

and don't forget that your best friend loves yoga too...

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