May 05, 2015

Top 3 Workouts For Your Next Adventure Race

MostFit Team Ambassador, Anthony Eisenhower, owner of Brood 9 Martial Arts in Lomita, CA shares his top 3 workouts to prepare you for your next adventure race. MostFit founders, Andrew and Erin, have participated in several of these races, and concur that high-intensity training, climbing, and crawling movements--being comfortable on your hands, are highly beneficial. 

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Training Tips from Coach Anthony...

I have competed in dozens of these races, finishing in the top 1% of many of them, and I can say from experience, these race take a lot more full body training than the average person believes. My team and I train year round to create the specific workout these races demand. This extra effort enhances our chances, giving us a more competitive score in this race, but to truly dominate to competition in these races, I’ve broken this down to a 3 step training process below.

1. Fast Movement

Being able to move quickly from one obstacle to the next is necessary to get through a race with your best possible time. For the shorter distance runs, sprint training should be a top priority . Also this can involve different terrain so fast movement is ideal to get through trails, rocks and more. This workout is broken down to specific exercises and amounts.

Specific Exercises to work on –

Bear Crawls
Lunge Walks
Frog Hops
The Sprint workout

For the workout itself you will be doing this in 3 Rounds! This will take your speed and
conditioning up a notch or two! Rest 2 mins between each round.

Round 1
– 40 Yard Sprint x 3 Round 2
– 40 Yard Lunge Walk – Sprint Back
– 40 Yard Bear Crawls – Sprint Back
– 40 Yard Frog Hops – Sprint Back

Round 2
– 40 Yard Lunge Walk – Sprint Back
– 40 Yard Bear Crawls – Sprint Back
– 40 Yard Frog Hops – Sprint Back

Round 3
– 40 Yard Sprint – 10 Push Ups
– 40 Yard Sprint – 10 Tricep Push Ups
– 40 Yard Sprint – 10 Burpees

2. The Climb

Nearly every single Obstacle Race that you partake in has Walls, Ropes and Cargo Nets for you to climb on. Upper body strength and grip strength is something you will definitely need to work on.Your overall Core Strength should also receive extra attention. The better you can hold yourself up, the quicker you will be able to get through these obstacles.

Specific Exercises to work on

Pull up
Push Up
Monkey Bar
The Upper Body Workout

For this workout it will be all strength related, so most exercises will be either sets or to failure, to
get the muscles working to maximum effort. Complete 3 sets of this workout. Rest 2 mins between each set

Plank – 30 Second
Push Up to Failure
Pull Up to Failure
Plank – 30 Second
Rope Climb – 2 from seated position
L Sits – 10
Plank – 30 second

3. Agility/Body Control

Throughout all obstacle races you will be traversing through different environments. Some are on steep trails, rocks, over walls, and through barb wire. You will need to be able to have your body react quickly, to get through these environments to the best of your ability. The ability to change direction whether side to side, up and down or with your body low to the ground, is essential for all of these races.

Specific Exercises to work on

Wall Jumps
High Jumps
Precision Jumps
Spider Crawls
Bunny Hops
Frog Jumps
Agility Workout

Complete 3 rounds of this workout. You will be doing each exercise for 30 seconds
with 1 minute between each round of work.

Spider Crawls
Bunny Hops
Frog Jumps
Precision Jumps (forward/back)
Wall Jumps or High Jumps
Precision Jumps (Side to side)
For the overall training and the best way to use this workout, would be:

Day 1 – Agility Workout
Day 2 – Upper Body Workout
Day 3 – Rest
Day 4 – Upper Body Workout
Day 5 – Sprint Workout

If you want to add in another Agility workout during the off days you can, but make sure you are getting enough rest in between for the proper results and strength/muscle increase.

So get out there, get dirty and have fun while doing it! Nothing is better than getting outside and being part of a fun environment, where everyone is trying to get through the same type of ordeal!

About the Author

Anthony Eisenhower has over 20 years of experience studying, practicing and teaching martial arts including Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Coju-jitsu, Capoeira, Kenpo Karate, Gung Fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Pankration. Anthony holds Blackbelts in Coju-jitsu, Tae Kwon Do as well as Muay Thai Level 2 Khru. Anthony studied gymnastics at L.A. Valley College and dance at Loyola Marymount University with the purpose of increasing flexibility and endurance for competition. He competed in full contact Kickboxing, Pankration and MMA. Anthony also performs stunt and fight choreography for music videos, commercials and various film and television projects; past projects include Alias, Birds of Prey, Dark Angel and Power Rangers in Space. Anthony is also the creator of the Brood 9 Stunt System, which is one of the few Stunt Certification classes taught for Physical stunt work. He has a DVD with the basics of this program through My Mad Methods Productions, and is a contributor to the My Mad Methods Magazine as well as other Fitness and MMA forums.