May 26, 2015

Swim, Bike, Run--Eat with Tom Holland


Team MostFit is honored to have published author, exercise physiologist, and nutrition expert, Tom Holland on our team. Tom Holland is committed to helping people better their lives through fitness and through his message of "Believe in Yourself." He has encouraged and coached thousands of people to reach their fitness goals; from losing weight to climbing mountains, running marathons and completing Ironman triathlons. We know how many of you love doing races and triathlons, so we're excited to highlight  Tom's book, Swim, Bike, Run--Eat, so you can learn how to eat and drink for maximum efficiency during your next race.

How to Eat for your Triathlon

It's race day and you have your quick-closure running shoes, sleek suits, bikes, goggles, and watches, but if you haven't been training with the proper nutrition, you'll be left in the dust in the third mile. Enter Swim, Bike, Run--Eat to guide you from day one of training to the finish line and help your body perform at it's peak of fitness. In this book, author Tom Holland joins up with sports dietitian Amy Goodson to cover race-day essentials, food choices to complement your training regimen, as well as recovery nutrition. Learn how to determine what to eat; what to drink; how many calories to consume each day; whether or not to carry snacks while training; the difference between taking in calories from solid foods, semi-solids, and liquids; and whether or not to take electrolyte or salt tablets.This books is the ideal companion to Holland's The 12-Week Triathlete. Casual and core triathletes alike require a nutrition guide that is easy to understand with expert advice that is easy to implement. Look no further and get ready to take your triathlon to a new, healthier level.

Where Can I Get a Copy of Swim, Bike, Run--Eat?

Click HERE for the link to purchase Swim, Bike, Run--Eat on Amazon.

More About Tom Holland

Tom is the author of Beat the Gym: Personal Trainer Secrets Without the Personal Trainer Price Tag [William Morrow 2011] The Marathon Method [Fair Winds Press 2007] and The 12-Week Triathlete: Train for a Triathlon in Just Three Months [Fair Winds Press 2005]. He is represented by literary agent Lauren Galit at the LKG Agency.

He is the host of the 10 DVD series Supreme 90 Day, co-host of Herbalife's 12 DVD fitness program and the Abs Diet Workout. He also stars in his own DVD series: Tom Holland's Total Body Workout, Tom Holland's Total Body Workout II and Tom Holland's Total Ab Workouts. Tom is represented by Wilhelmina Models in the fitness division.

Tom is on the Board of Advisors for Oxygen Magazine and has contributed to media including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Men's Health, Men's Journal, Runner's World, Women's Health, Newsweek, Men's Fitness, Fitness, Hers, More, Cosmopolitan, Family Circle, The NY Daily News, Muscle Media, Prevention, AARP, Bride's, Organic Style and Cooking Light. He has written articles for such magazines as SELF, FIT, The Journal of the American Athletic Association, Inside Triathlon, Running Times, American Fitness and IDEA Personal Trainer.

Tom received his BA in Communications from Boston College and his Master's Degree in Exercise Science and Sports Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association [NSCA-CSCS] and has also been certified by the American College of Sports Medicine [ACSM] the American Council on Exercise [ACE], the National Academy of Sports Medicine [NASM] and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America [AFAA]. Tom is a Level 3 coach with USA Cycling and is a member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.

He began as a personal trainer and fitness instructor in New York City, working at such facilities as the Reebok Sports Club, Equinox, Crunch, The New York Sports Clubs and the Cardio Fitness Center. He then struck out on his own, founding TeamHolland LLC in 1998 and expanding into new areas of the fitness industry. He opened his first gym, The Tom Holland Athletic Club, in New Canaan, Connecticut.

An elite endurance athlete himself, Tom has been a member of PowerBar's Team Elite since 2003. He has run over 50 marathons including races in Italy, France, Ireland, and Hawaii. He is a sub-3 hour marathoner and winner of the 2007 Dutchess County Marathon. Tom has run several ultra marathons including a 9th place finish at the "Run to the Sun" ultra marathon, a 36-mile run from sea level to the 10,023 foot summit of Haleakala on the island of Maui, and the JFK 50-mile ultra. He is also an 19-time Ironman triathlete with a PR of 9:56, having competed in Ironman China, Malaysia, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Florida, Arizona, Kentucky, Lake Placid and California. Tom has won several natural bodybuilding awards and has competed in adventure races as well.

Tom serves as the coach for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation’s, (MMRF) Endurance Events Program.