June 01, 2015

30-Day Wellness Challenge: Day One--Motivation

Finally a 30-day challenge that we can stand behind! Day 1 is on Motivation with our girl, Helya Naghibi, owner of The Studio in Ventura, CA. She had us at "Being a healthier person begins with a healthier mind."

What Types of Things Will Be in the Challenge?

Helya created a 30-day challenge that talks about everything from what kinds of workouts can be more beneficial to...how to create a healthier mindset to...what carbs and proteins really are and how much you need to... what happens after a binge weekend and how to recover without feeling guilty. She covers a lot of things that we've all gone through and a lot more...in under 5 minutes a day and it's all for free.

The point is, we can make small changes and live a better, more healthier life everyday. Let's start with this short thirty day challenge! Today is day 1! You ready?


Day 1: Motivation

Here's the LINK.

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