June 03, 2015

High Intensity VS Moderate-Paced Workouts

High-Intensity Interval Training has been the buzz with Tabata drills, sprints, and the "WOD" at your Cross Fit gym. But what is HIIT Training and is it really better than a moderate-paced workout? According to this article from Mens Fitness, you should not disregard your moderate-paced workouts.


5 Benefits of a Moderate-Paced Workout

Mens Fitness covers 5 solid reasons you should not eliminate your moderate-paced workouts, and asks experts, such as our MostFit Team Ambassador, Exercise Physiologist, and Fitness Author and Expert, Tom Holland, why it is important to mix up your workouts.

1. Prevents Overtraining and Injuries

2. Increased Energy

3. Improved Results from Lifting

4. Become an Efficient Fat Burner

5. Less Likely to Overeat

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