June 29, 2015

2015 AFM Fittest Winner, Scott York, Trains with the MostFit Core Hammer

 Scott york sledgehammer training fitness professional

We are so happy to share that Scott York (@scottyorkfitness) won the 50+ division of the 2015 AFM Fittest Competition. He trained hard in body and mind, and incorporated the MostFit Core Hammer almost daily in his training sessions. 


Scott's Training Journal


June 21 2015 – "Below is my journey of setting an ambitious goal, getting out of my comfort zone, struggling with the challenges and obstacles of life and enjoying the amazing feeling of accomplishing a goal that I will be proud of for the rest of my life. My aim is not only to document this journey but to somehow encourage one person out there who may be in need of inspiration, focus, better health and the feeling of setting a lofty goal and then pursuing that goal with every ounce of willpower and determination."

Please CLICK HERE to read his training journal and how he incorporated the MostFit Core Hammer in to his daily training sessions. 


Scott is an incredible mentor, trainer, and motivator. 

"Never forget that since the very beginning of time, and forever more, there has never been and never will be another person with your exact personality, your talents, your relationships and your influence on the people around YOU.

Your life is so important — the world is a better place because you are here. There are so many important things that will never be done unless YOU do them. YOU CAN DO IT!"



"Take a deep breath. Don’t forget that everything always works out exactly the way it’s supposed to…and every experience…good and bad…lasts exactly as long as it’s supposed to last…and every moment of every day teaches us exactly what it was meant to teach us.

It’s ALL good.

Take another deep breath. Just be your terrific self and let the joy soak in.
You are one phenomenal person."


"P.S. Just wanted to remind you that you are not alone….you are never ever alone.

Not only are there others who are experiencing the same kind of challenges that you are experiencing, they are working towards the same kinds of goals that you are, and who want the same things out of life that you do……

You also have unseen angels all around you……and the same hands that created you are watching over you, protecting you, and keeping you company every minute of every day….

You are treasured, loved, and watched over….you are never alone."

 To read more about Scott York and to sign up and train with him, CLICK HERE for his website.