July 21, 2015

MostFit™ Portable Fitness Product Line


MostFit is dedicated to promoting fitness throughout the community, as a means to health and happiness. Our goal is to make fitness enjoyable, accessible and realistic - which is paramount to creating a healthy body image and ultimately, success. MostFit™ strives to provide unique, effective, efficient and affordable fitness products to help you be the MostFit™ You Can Be. Anytime. Anywhere.


MostFit Portable Fitness Equipment


Our two proprietary functional training products are The MostFit Core Hammer and SYN Rings.

The Core Hammer is a tireless sledgehammer that is available in 2 weights, 8lbs and 12lbs. Sledgehammer workouts are dynamic, fun, and now safe. Functional training with a sledgehammer engages all of your muscles and challenges your cardiovascular system. It's great for athletes, fitness savvy folks, and even casual exercisers. Enjoy your favorite sledgehammer exercises in your front yard, outside the office, or at a gym.

Benefits of the MostFit Core Hammer

  • Portable
  • No bulky tire needed
  • Works grip strength, rotational strength, speed, agility, power, core strength, stability, endurance, focus, accuracy and balance
  • Plus, it's super fun! 

The MostFit SYN Rings for Stability Training


The MostFit™ SYN Rings add a new type of intensity to your workout. MostFit™ SYN Rings allow the user to suspend weight plates from an Olympic weightlifting bar creating instability, forcing the user to engage more core and stability muscles, and increase overall strength. They allow the weight plates to move in all directions, including forward, back, side-to-side, up-and-down, and in circular motions. Stability weight training with the MostFit™ SYN Rings promotes core stabilization, explosive muscle engagement, and athletic development, helping people to improve their overall fitness!

Workout Benefits of MostFit™ SYN Rings

  • Easily attaches to a standard Olympic weightlifting bar
  • Promotes explosive muscle engagement
  • Lightweight, compact and portable

Other MostFit Portable Fitness Products

MostFit offers a Suspension Strap, Resistance Tubes, Bands, Loops, a Plyo Caddy, Core Energy Anchors, Strongboards, and their unique line of fitness apparel for men and women. Click HERE to view the collection.

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