July 23, 2015

Brood 9 Martial Arts Stunt System Certification

IT’S HERE! Brood 9 Martial Arts has set a date for the 1st US Level 1 Brood 9 Stunt System Weekend Certification. We have added so much content and put it into an amazing weekend certification that combines physical and lecture. 

QUICK INFO: The Level 1 Stunt Certification is programmed to teach individuals the basics of stunt movement and body control to better associate towards performing stunts in media, live or for performance art. This is also set to teach fitness enthusiasts, professionals, martial artists and every day individuals how to control their body in different ways and add more to their regular regimens of daily fitness and training. 

The Level 1 Stunt System Certification is a Boot Camp style weekend to learn on your own body how to use and develop these movements and perfecting how they can add even more stunt movement from this. 


The programming of the B9 Stunt Certification is 70% Hands On/Physical Training and 30% lecture. You will not only learn the methods behind Stunt Movement used for Movies, Television, & Theatre but how to physically do them and why these movements differ from normal Martial Arts Fighting Techniques.