May 07, 2018

4 Variations on the Traditional Core Hammer Slam w/ Yancy Culp and Power Systems

 Core Hammer training for OCR

Progress for success! Power Systems Master Coach Yancy Culp shows you FOUR variations of the Core Hammer Slam to take your workouts to the NEXT LEVEL! Each exercise offers a bit of progression from the traditional slam.

1. Seated Swing -or- Seated Side-to-Side Slams

Performing this exercise seated on the ground removes your greatest power pushers from the equation – your legs! Without the help of your lower body, the Seated Swing requires more power from the lats and increases core activation and rotation.

2. Sit Up to Slam

Increase momentum in the concentric phase and add resistance to the eccentric phase of your sit ups with this version of the Core Hammer Slam.

3. Static Squat Slam

Like the seated slams, this exercise limits assistance from the lower body and produces a greater challenge on the core – developing more upper body strength & power with each repetition. Holding the static squat during this movement also open the hips. Performing this version of the Hammer Slam can help increase the depth of your squats in the weight room.

4. Squat Jump & Slam

Add a plyometric challenge by performing a jump on the upswing of your core hammer slam. This will give you that extra cardio push you are looking for in a Tabata set or a finisher exercise.

Try each of these versions on your own OR put them all together in a massive slam session! Check out the video below for a breakdown of each of the slam variations and a workout that puts them together for a Hammertime Slam Superset!

Core Hammer Slam Ladder (increasing in difficulty)
6 sets of 18 reps = 108 reps total

Seated Side-to-Side Slams x 10
Sit Up to Slam x 2
Static Squat Slam X 2
Core Hammer Slam x 2
Squat Jump with Slam x 2

Complete this 18-rep set SIX times for a total of 108 total slams.