November 09, 2015

Be the "MostFit" You Can Be!


Liv360 talks to MostFit founder, Andrew Gavigan...

MostFit is all about making fitness efficient and accessible for everyone. We asked the founder, Andrew Gavigan, a few questions about the brand, and how you can use simple products to make your workouts more effective and dynamic.


What inspired you to start MostFit?

“I’ve been a fitness trainer for over a decade now and throughout my career I’ve always had different ideas about how to make certain tools more accessible to my clients and myself. So I finally took action a few years ago and now we have a line of some of the standards, as well as our unique SYN Rings and Core Hammer which I use just about everyday with my clients.”


What is the goal behind MostFit, and how do you hope people will benefit from using MostFit products?

“Our current goal is to provide products that make a work out simpler or more convenient to achieve, so that fitness professionals and exercise enthusiasts can have more access to more tools. We want to provide these products to the fitness community while also promoting health, strength, happiness and positive body image.”

Can you explain HIIT and the benefit of this type of training?

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“Any type of exercise is great exercise. High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is a fun, efficient, and generally effective way of exercising. By exercising with short or medium bursts of very hard, intense exercises you are creating a very active metabolic rate within a relatively short amount of time. This allows you to either get on with your day or gives you more time to stretch or practice your sport etc,.”

The core hammer looks really interesting. What is the benefit of using a product like this?

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“Sledgehammer training is no secret, it’s a great core and cardio workout and can be used in a wide variety of ways to achieve any fitness goal not to mention a major stress reliever. However, with the MostFit Core Hammer you now can use the Core Hammer just about anywhere without the need for a cumbersome tire or striking service. We also provide a number of great exercises including striking and non-striking movements. We will be releasing or Certification and programming in the beginning of 2016.”

What are your favorite and most cost effective recommendations for working out at home?

“The MostFit Core Hammer is one of my favorites of course, followed closely by the classic products the MostFit offers; Resistance Tubes, Resistance Bands, and Resistance Loops. I think, however, that the absolute most important part of a home workout is support from your family, friends, and neighbors. Be allies to each other and the path to fitness success will be smooth.”

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