August 29, 2016

Box Pro Magazine Interviews Crossfit Synapse About Using MostFit Gear

Crossfit with the Mostfit Core hammer fitness sledgehammer

User testimonial: Box Pro Interviews Jimmy from Synapse Strength and Conditioning

Jimmy Lujan, the founder of CrossFit Synapse, answered questions about MostFit and what it’s like working with the company.

Box Pro: How were you introduced to MostFit?

Lujan: I was first introduced to MostFit and Andrew Gavigan, the company’s president, through a product development company we were both working with. The product development company did some of the testing for the MostFit suspension strap with us at Crossfit Synapse. Since then, we have collaborated with them on the development of the Syn Rings and Core Hammer.

BP: What do you like about MostFit and its Core Hammer?

Lujan: One of the reasons I have loved working with Andrew over the last few years is his willingness to understand different fitness philosophies and use that information to develop effective and versatile products that can be used in both personal and group training sessions. Our clients really love getting their hands on some of these products early on in the development process and putting them through the ringer. This was especially true with the Core Hammer. It was a lot of fun working with its various iterations and finding new ways to use it. It’s always great getting a product like this that is not only fun to use, but very effective in skill and strength development.

BP: What else can you tell other Box owners about the benefit of working with MostFit?

Lujan: It really has been a lot of fun working with MostFit and Andrew over the last few years.  He really cares about the quality of his products, but cares even more about how they can be used to help and develop people of various degrees of athleticism. I think that quality really shines through, and that desire to help people reach their fitness goals has allowed him to be open to feedback, ideas, and constantly seeking to better himself and his products.