November 07, 2016

Coach Michael Rankin: The Will to Prepare is Vital

 swinging a sledgehammer for fitness

Wise Words from Drexel Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Michael Rankin

The MostFit Core Hammer's unique design allows for so many different types of exercises and workouts. The round urethane head can be slammed on any surface, no need for a tire. This makes it easier to lead group training, bootcamp. or group exercise class and incorporate Sledgehammer and Mace exercises. Add it to a strength and conditioning circuit or a functional training workout. The Core Hammer is not only a great way to impress your athletes and clients but its an effective strength training and cardio tool.

Drexel University Strength and Conditioning Coach Michael Rankin uses the MostFit Core Hammer in order to prepare his athletes for anything. That is the true path to winning.