November 15, 2016

Colleen Flaherty from Prokreate Explains the Value of Her Pregnancy and Postpartum Strength Seminar

Procreate Strength training the pregnant and postpartum client

Colleen Flaherty is an expert in Strength training for Pregnant clientele and delivers an in depth seminar for professionals via Prokreate

In the past 3 weeks, Adam and I have taught our Pregnancy and Postpartum Strength Seminar in 3 different countries around the globe! We coped pretty well with the time differences and climate changes because of awesome travel hacks like Rhodiola Rosea, green drinks, activated charcoal, immune boosting essential oils, and tons of water. 
After teaching 32 professionals, what I see being the most impactful is continued education in untapped niches. Our seminar is not deemed a necessity. Yet the target market of most trainers and gym owners are humans in their early to mid-20's and up. These are people who can afford training/memberships and a majority of them are individuals in their procreating years. So why wouldn't you learn more about supporting this population through their major life events? 
Women are always going to have babies. And there's barely anyone coaching them properly if at all. They're most likely always going to have a partner and many, also baby-bearing, friends. 
Knowing and feeling comfortable training this population is going to build your business through: 
  • new clientele (pregnant or postpartum)
  • women staying with you through pregnancy (not dropping off)
  • returning postpartum
  • additional variety of classes/offerings
  • women's partners join the gym/training
  • more diverse connections with professionals in the community
  • addition of classes for kids as they get older
There are many more ways you can expand your knowledge to expand your business, but if you aren't supporting the direct needs of the clients you already have, you're missing a huge opportunity to build your brand and the strength of your community!