October 10, 2017

Core Hammer Shoulder Mobility and Explosive Strength


Core Hammer Shoulder Mobility and Explosive Strength - w Helya Glen from The Studio Ventura

Increase shoulder mobility and improve explosive core strength at the same time

This particular move is made much more effective by using the Core Hammer as resistance because of the distal load, grip, and stability challenge. With proper form the athlete can not only increase mobility in the shoulders and isometric core strength, but also improve Lat engagement and concentric core engagement.


shoulder mobility and explosive core strength with the Core Hammer

Master Trainer Helya Glen from The Studio in Ventura CA describes some of the pointers for a proper shoulder mobility exercise. She also includes a number of added challenges for ROM and explosive core engagement like changing your grip position and adding a lunge.


 Consult a physician before performing this or any exercise program. You as the user are responsible independently for use of any fitness programs or equipment and assume the risks of any resulting injury.