January 18, 2018

Core Hammer Twisting Lunge with Slam - Strength Training Exercise

 Help your clients and athletes develop rotational and anti-rotational strength with the Core Hammer


Andrew Gavigan from MostFit demonstrates one of the very unique strength training exercises that the Core Hammer can be used for. The twisting lunge will help develop rotational and anti-rotational core strength, balance, and coordination. Its a great exercise for personal training clients and sports athletes.

fitness sledgehammer for strength and conditioning

As the athlete steps back into a reverse lunge they must engage their adductors and squeeze their inner thighs together to stabilize. The athlete then rotates their torso, including the Core Hammer, over the front leg. Now comes the fun part; In one explosive move they should step forward into an open stance and slam the Core Hammer as hard as is comfortable.

Repeat for speed or for power.