December 11, 2017

Explosive Core Strength Circuit for Athletes

 3 move circuit featuring the MostFit Core Hammer

These three movements make a simple yet effective combo for building multi-dimensional core strength. Improving functional core strength can be helpful with turning through a punch or following through a pitch. It can also help with a dynamic reach in rock climbing or a quick start on the track.

explosive core circuit

Core Hammer slam -

the first move in the circuit incorporates not just the abdominals but the glutes, lats, arms, and legs. The athlete should control their body down into a squat position as they pull down on the Core Hammer.

Next is the classic box jump -

not only does it obviously require a great amount of force through the legs and glutes but it then requires the athlete to tuck their knee into their core, control the impact of landing, then extend fully through their hips.

Lastly are pull ups -

even if the rep count is low this exercise will require the athlete incorporate their core and lats through the same vertical movement which in the end will promote more core incorporation into other full body movements.

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