May 09, 2017

Functional Circuit Workout For Bootcamps and Small Group Training


Functional Training Equipment For A Great Group Workout


This is a great workout for a 1 - on - 1 workout with a personal trainer or a bootcamp workout. The MostFit Core Hammer, ActivMotion Bar, Lebert Equalizers, and The Surge and Kaman from Hedstrom Fitness are some of the best, most efficient pieces of functional training equipment available today...and they're all super portable. Try this circuit by doing each movement for 1 minute. Repeat the circuit 3-5 times to challenge your core, triceps, biceps, legs, glutes,shoulders, stability and cardiovascular strength.

Great functional fitness equipment for bootcamps and small group training

Consult a physician before performing this or any exercise program. You as the user are responsible independently for use of any fitness programs or equipment and assume the risks of any resulting injury.