September 18, 2017

Introducing team MostFit! - Trainer and Blogger Kasey Brown

MostFit would like to introduce you to our new, reinvigorated, team of fitness and health ambassadors. Each week we will introduce you to a different member:

Trainer and Blogger Kasey Brown

Power cakes blogger fitness trainer kasey brown

Certified Personal Trainer
Best Selling Author of BODYpeace
Owner & Founder of True To You Fitness
IDEA Fitness Inspired Advisor
FitFluential Ambassador
FitApproach Ambassador
Bachelors Degree in Health & Physical Education


Kasey is a Certified Personal Trainer and the creator and voice behind the POWERCAKES blog and website. She's been voted Top 10 Inspiring Healthy-Living Bloggers To Follow by SELF Magazine and is a best-selling author of the book, BODYpeace. Kasey has been a blogger since 2011, is the owner of True To You Fitness Personal Training, an IDEA Inspired Advisor, FitFluential & FitApproach Ambassador, has written various articles and been featured in SELF, Women's Health, Fitness Magazine, & The New York Times, and has a Bachelor's Degree in Health & Physical Education.

Kasey has a great passion and enthusiasm for fitness, fueling your body, cooking and baking. Kasey prides herself on teaching the importance of everyone finding their own balance in life.