July 02, 2018

Lower Body and Grip Strength with Rose Wetzel

American Ninja Warrior and Spartan Elite Athlete Rose Wetzel shows us 3 great lower body and grip strength exercises with the Core Hammer.

1) Lateral Lunge w/ Reach - Simple but challenging. As you or your athlete step out into a lateral lunge, reach the head of the Core Hammer out towards your foot. This will challenge your opposite side oblique along with your shoulder, grip strength, glutes, adductors, and hamstrings.

2) Next is the standard forward lunge but with a bonus. Twist across the front of your body with the Core Hammer to challenge your balance and strengthen your core.

3) And finally the "FlagPole" Squat. A simple way to take a standard body weight squat and increase the effort. Hold your hands closer to the head, or farther apart from each other will modify the exercise. Holding both hands at the very tail will add a great grip strength challenge.

Rose wetzel with the Core Hammer sledgehammer workout

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