July 11, 2016

MostFit at the IDEA World Fitness Convention- Discounts, Workouts, and Swag

Come visit MostFit at Booth #1641 at the 2016 IDEA World Fitness Convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center this week from Thursday July 14 - Saturday July 16 and Join one of our free workouts, get great discounts on MostFit Products and CEC Courses, and get some free swag.

See our schedule below as well as our list of discounts and other happenings.

MostFit is exhibiting at the 2016 Idea World Convention


Thursday July 14

7:00-7:45a-Time Block C,                                                                                              Extreme Body Weight Boot Camp
w/ MostFit Master Trainer Mike Z Robinson of MZR Fitness
Joined by Andrew Gavigan and Helya Glen
Description: Come and workout with Mike, the 2015 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, as he takes you through an extreme, full body, don't eat a bunch before you come boot camp workout that will have your heart rate climbing and have you sweating like no other. In this early morning boot camp class, you will experience a wide variety of engaging exercises you can immediately integrate into your clients' fitness routines.
12:20 - Expo Floor Opens
1:00- Core Hammer Workout 
2:00Core Hammer Workout
3:00Core Hammer Workout
3:30- Core Hammer Workout at Power Systems Booth #1533
4:00Core Hammer Workout
6:30- Expo Floor Closes

Friday July 15

11:30- Expo Floor Opens
12:30-1:30  Meet & Greet IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year 2015 Mike Z Robinson in our Booth  
1:00Core Hammer Workout
2:00- Core Hammer Workout
3:30- Core Hammer Workout at Power Systems Booth #1533
4:00- Core Hammer Workout
5:00- Core Hammer Workout 
6:30- Expo Floor Closes


Saturday July 15

10:00 - Expo Floor Opens                                                                                                  12:00 - Core Hammer Workout                                                                                            1:00 -  Core Hammer Workout                                                                                             2:00 -  Core Hammer Workout at Power Systems Booth #1533                                         3:00 -  Core Hammer Workout                                                                                             4:00 -  Core Hammer Workout at Power Systems Booth #1533                                          5:00 - Core Hammer Workout                                                                                             6:30Expo Floor Closes


Discounts at the IDEA World Convention:

  • 10% discount on all MostFit gear (available on www.most-fit.com as well)
  • Volume Discounts
  • Core Hammer Instructor Course Package deals

Free Swag:

  • Pens
  • Chapstick
  • T Shirts and Tanks for joining in any of the in-booth workouts