September 19, 2016

MostFit Interviews Army Vet and Personal Trainer Coach Kimmie Smith

 Coach Kimmie Sfithpersonal trainer Culver City California

MostFit was lucky enough to interview Army Vet and Personal Trainer Coach Kimmie Smith from Kinesis Movement Studio

Army vet and personal trainer Kim Smith  was kind enough to give MostFit a short interview about her service for our country and  what she does to stay healthy and fit, her experiences on the job, and what she has to say to anyone interested in joining up or becoming a first responder.

Coach Kimmie is a major supporter of and volunteer with Catch a Lift Fund, granting gym memberships and fitness equipment to Wounded vets.

MostFit is dedicating the month of September to first responders and service people who make a daily sacrifice to help protect the world we live in. Check in for more interviews and workouts with our heroes.