June 16, 2016

MostFit Motivation- Learn to Love Your Body

This weeks MostFit Motivation Comes from our friend and colleague Amber, otherwise known as Rural Rebel Mama

Healthy Lifestyle

From Personal Trainer Amber Mikaelsson, Rural Rebel Mama

Here is a story about one of my favourite clients, Nadine Epp.  
In our time together Nadine has shed over 40 inches of body fat from her body.  But much more important than that, she’s gained a great deal of perspective about her amazing body and the ways it moves her through her life... and a killer smile.

She curls 25lbs dumbbells and rocks a tank top like no other.

She prioritizes movement in her life and is showing her son, by example, the many benefits of exercise and self love.

She is currently working on the 'balance' aspect of a healthy life, as she has recently returned to work after maternity leave and has had to adjust a great deal.

She is rocking it.

I asked her to reflect on how this whole process has changed the way she thinks and acts when it comes to movement, mindset, and nutrition, and this is what she had to say:

“This training program is helping me to see that fat loss and muscle gain is not a “quick fix” but rather a mindset change.

I have been able to let go of the stress and worry regarding health and fitness and just follow Amber’s advice.

I don’t have to deprive myself and workout for hours on end. I’m eating normal, healthy food in a mindful way and working out 4 days a week with weights.

Regardless of whether I make the most progress, I’ve won. ”

Nadine worked hard to build a habit of self love and it is now a regular part of her life.